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Roof Maintenance and decorations: 2024 Christmas Edition

'Tis the season of sleigh bells rings and festive light twinkles. Ensuring your roof is ready to support the season’s decorations is a must. We are a family-owned roofing business, so to us Christmas isn't just about carols and cookies. It's about making sure that the ordinary houses are twinkling winter wonderlands.

Seasonal Roof Maintenance

  • Shingle Inspection: We’ll check for loose or missing shingles to ensure Santa’s sleigh has a smooth landing.

  • Gutter Cleaning: Clean gutters are really important for those frosty winter days. Let's prevent ice dams together so that your decorations won’t be upstaged by icicles (unless they’re the decorative kind).

  • Structural Integrity: We make sure your roof can handle more than just a dusting of snow, from festive figurines to the weight of your grandest light displays.

Lights, Safety, Christmas!

While we don't string the lights ourselves, safety is our north star. We advocate for the use of proper Christmas light roof clips and safe practices. When putting the lights up your roof, keep these pointers in the back of your mind:

  • Choose the Right Lights: Waterproof, outdoor-rated lights ensure longevity and safety.

  • Secure Fastening: Use roof-friendly clips instead of nails or staples to keep your home merry and damage-free.

  • Safety Gear: Always use a sturdy ladder and have a spotter when you’re ready to dazzle the neighborhood.

Metal Roof


Once your roof is in tip-top shape, these decorating ideas will ensure that your roof is shining bright this holiday season:

  • String Lights: Outline your roof with white or colored lights to highlight your home’s architecture.

  • Projection Spotlights: Cast a festive glow with minimal effort and no need to climb the roof.

  • Window Dressing: Enhance your rooftop’s silhouette with lights or wreaths in each window.

  • Chimney Cheer: Don't overlook the chimney, ensure it's structurally sound and then consider framing it with a string of lights or a simple wreath for that postcard-perfect Christmas look.

Sleighing the Maintenance Game

Michael and Son Roofing are here to make sure your holiday season is safe and bright, starting with a roof that’s ready for reindeer. While our role isn't to install the decorations, we lay the groundwork for your home to be a festive focal point of the neighborhood.

For professional roof maintenance that lets you decorate with confidence, get in touch with us. We’re here to ensure your roof is Santa-ready and season-proof. Happy Holidays and happy decorating from our family to yours!"

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